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Fort Lytton Firing Day


19th Century Queensland does give an emphasis to the accurate demonstration of the colony’s defence forces, and the families who supported them. Many male members have civilian outfits as well as those of a specific local military unit, ‘A’ Company, Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corps (QSVC). Some intend to expand their repertoire and bring in new depictions of other Queensland military and naval personnel for the same year. Our older members are considering portraying senior NCOs and Officers of the Queensland Defence Force. Younger members would usually take more junior roles in the QSVC or other units.
Generally depiction of the military or naval forces will be restricted to active males aged between 17 and 55 on joining, though consideration shall be given on a case by case basis for males outside that age group. Those wishing to portray the military forces must be in possession of, or be willing to apply for, all appropriate weapons licences necessary for the accurate depiction of their role.

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